How do I become a Member?

To become a Member of the Networking Exchange Community, you must attend a specific chapter for three consecutive meetings. Your specific field of work must be open at that given chapter. By the second meeting the Chapter President will invite you to apply to neXco. The neXco board will approve your membership and by the third meeting your chapter will vote for your acceptance. If your seat is taken by another active member, you are welcome to visit another chapter or inquire with us to see if your field is open in another chapter.

Guest Attendance

Guests are welcome to attend any Chapter meeting twice every six months. Guests are welcome to attend as many Happy Hour events as they would like, however they must register ahead of time and pay the fee to enter the event. Please make sure to bring your buisness cards to both the Chapter and Happy Hour events.

To get started on an application sign up below, or just come to one of our meetings.

Member Application

Considering membership in NeXco?

We'd be thrilled to meet you and have you participate in one of our meetings.

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